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New Religions Research and Information Center (NRTIC) is a non-governmental, non-confessional and non-political organization. Its establishment was a form of civic engagement in the face of intolerance, restrictions on freedom and forms of power primacy that were evident in early nineties and since then continue prevailing in society of Lithuania. Founders of organization saw the freedom of religion as an important issue in Lithuania and realized that there was a lack of information about religion (especially about religious minorities), and available information was incompetent and biased.

The aim of the organization is to provide objective information about new religious movements (NRMs – cults, sects, alternative religions) which gives the possibility to choose responsibly and reduce social tensions that arise from NRMs activities, develop trust and tolerance-based civil society. The main NRTIC activities are:

• to gather information about NRMs of Lithuania and worldwide;

• to analyze the activities of religious statutory regulatory in various countries worldwide;

• to research new forms of religiosity Lithuania, promote and coordinate such investigations in Lithuanian higher education institutions;

• to provide individuals, businesses, institutions and authorities with information about new religious phenomena, warning about the potential of some movements in destructive consequences;

• to help people affected by the acrtivities of NRMs, to provide expert, psychological or legal assistance.

New Religions Research and Information Center experts developed and repeatedly conducted courses on religion in contemporary society for teachers, local government and public servants.

Since 2004 New Religions Research and Information Center maintain the only website in Lithuanian dedicated for the information on religion and NRMs Religija.lt. Website attracts attention of college and university teachers, students and public and is on average visited by more than 150 visitors per day.

Since 2007 New Religions Research and Information Center is actively involved in the scientific and social projects that help to achieve its goals: to conduct sociological research, to raise awareness of public and specific target groups on human rights and religious diversity in Lithuania.

Organization details:

1. Code: 210082880
2. Legal status: Public institution
3. Stakeholders: Milda Ališauskienė, Hans Friedrich Fischer, Donatas Glodenis, Audronė Jasinskienė, Holger Lahayne, Jovita Markevičiūtė, Arnoldas Matijošius, Robertas Petronis, Rita Šerpytytė, Irena Vaišvilaitė.
4. Address: Traidenio g., 10-1, LT-08119 Vilnius
5. Phone: +370 686 13183
6. Email: info@religija.lt
7. Website: www.religija.lt
8. Head: dr. Milda Ališauskienė