Prevention of "sect" activities - a new priority in Lithuanian youth policy?

Versija spausdinimui

Vilnius. At the beginning of April the State Council for Youth Affairs announced a list of organizations whose youth oriented projects will be supported by the Council this year. Among the supported projects the greatest ammount, 28 000 LT (about 8300 EUR) was awarded to Lithuanian Soberness Fund to advance a project entitled "Sect activities prevention among youth", which was presented to the Council in a project category "Prevention of youth drug and other forms of addiction, criminal activities and psychological crises (suicide)".

The organization "Lithuanian Soberness Fund" will carry out the project together with a partner organization "Cults' Prevention Bureau". "Cults' Prevention Bureau" is an organization composed of the family members of new religious movements.

As of 2005-05-26 it is not yet clear what kind of activities will be carried out as part of the project. Lithuanian Soberness Fund has previously organized anticult events, in 1999 inviting Aleksander Dvorkin as a speaker to a two day conference "Youth Agains Drugs", where one day was dedicated to denouncing "sects". "Cults' Prevention Bureau" is a newly formed organization whose members have previously tried to push an anticult agenda through the Government institutions and the Seimas (parliament) of Lithuania. The project seems to depend on definition of a sect on the French organization „Association for Family and Person Protection Against Destructive Influence of Sects“, defining a sect as an organization that manipulates the consciousness of a person, uses psychical violence, destroys person's personality, destroys family, society, and whose essens is cheating.

The State Council for Youth Affairs has not yet published the details about the supported projects on their website