Partners of NRTIC

Versija spausdinimui

NRTIC is partnering with the following organizations in Lithuania:


Equal Opportunities' Ombudsmans Office - independent state institution directly responsible to Seimas (Parliament) of Lithuania. The Ombudsmans office is addressed by people who have suffered discrimination because of their gender, sexual orientation, religion, age, disability and on other grounds in the spheres of work, education, services, or those who have experienced sexual bullying.


Natinal Equality and Diversity Forum  - a national cooperation network which connects NGO's that represent the discrimination wise vulnerable groups of population. The forum strives for the common objectives fighting against discrimination because of gender, disability, sexual orientation, age, religion or belief, race or ethnicity.


Vytautas Magnus University, Faculty of Social Sciences, Department of Sociology


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Lithuanian Society for the Study of Religions - an organization that unites scholars from various disciplines exploring religion, who are either working in Lithuania or are interested in religions of Lithuania. 


NRTIC is also cooperating with the following foreign organizations:

INFORM - Information Network Focus On Religious Movements - an organization operating in London (UK), that NRTIC was initially modelled upon.


CESNUR - Center For Studies of New Religions, based in Turin, Italy.